Web Design and Development

Our professional website design portfolio highlights a few samples of the work we have completed in the past. Since every client is unique, you will see various styles that were created specifically to suit the need of the company's identity. We create sites from scratch. Every website we create has an original design and is always fully customized.Having an online presence means having to present your company to the online world and one of the factors to that process means trying to communicate your message clearly.

In todays internet world, visitors are constantly hit with large amounts of information. What are you going to do in order to catch visitors attention and get the message you want to try to get across as quickly as possible?

One of the things that our team tries to accomplish when establishing a company's online presence is to determine three things:

  1. The goals of the company
  2. The message the company wants to communicate
  3. The target market of the company's product/service/ideas

With these criteria, we can get a good idea of how to build the website in order to communicate your ideas and to ultimately get the point across about what your company offers.

Our Extensive Process

Do you need a web presence that communicates your business identity to your customers?

What works for one company -- in mose cases, will likely not work for your company if the goals and philosophy of the company brand is not in line with those of the company you are trying to copy. One of our goals here at Blanc Canvas, is to make our clients aware of this fact and try to help each other to understand that a custom tailored approach is often necessary which is why we emphasize creating original site designs and from scratch.

E-Commerce shopping carts

We offer e-commerce solutions that consist of two-parts. The Front-End and the Back-End.

The Front-End offers:

The Back-End offers:

Our E-Commerce shopping cart is secured with 256-bits of encryption. Which is the little lock icon ssl lock that you see on websites that are serious about their customers privacy. When your customers use the checkout option, they can have the feeling of safety by knowning that their personal information and credit card information will not be open to computer hackers to steal their identities.

Why You Need A Website

People these days like to save time. We personally would rather get information about a service or product from the comfort of my own home before even purchasing anything.

Studies by Forrester on companies who have an internet presence versus those who didn’t within the same market categories have shown that having an informational website CAN increase visibility and INCREASE sales for a company by over 45%.

Service and Product positioning online with a professionally built website that delivers the core of the message of the business instantly to online prospects with up-to-date listings of products and services, hours of operation and an interactive map of location WILL put you in a much stronger position to start off with and it can also provide the best ROI dollar-per-dollar compared to traditional offline marketing channels when taking into account that the internet is a worldwide distribution channel.

Also the icing on the cake is that starting a website is a very low-risk investment that yields instant results. What we are offering with our Informational Website service is the opportunity to have a web site that people can go to and find out more information about your products and services so that you can gain a higher level of exposure and an incredibly quick return on your investment.

What separates Blanc Canvas Designs from other providers who focus on small business clients is that we have a track record for quality, reliability and professionalism. We always deliver on our goals with affordable services that don’t skimp on quality. Our emphasis on quality keeps our project workload lower than most companies but the end result is that the end product is considerably higher quality than other providers who push out larger quantities.

Ok, So Let's Get Started

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