About Us

Blanc Canvas Designs, LLC. is a Web Design and Development company founded in 2002.
We are a full service design and development company geared to help small to medium size businesses create a plan to succeed.

We are composed of a team of web professionals who have worked at various high-profile corporate design firms. We have come together seeking to get away from the corporate culture and into a more relaxing and creatively satisfying environment.

What we offer

We offer “multi-million dollar” web design and web development firm work at a fraction of the cost to medium sized to small businesses. We can offer this because we don’t have the same overhead costs that large corporate firms have. We have a relatively small amount of staff spread between our New York and San Francisco offices. We also don’t aggressively market our services or inundate our clients with promotional materials.

Our mission is to serve our clients--big or small--with the same passion, integrity, loyalty and effectiveness as possible, without the high expense normally associated with these types of services. For this reason we have our Web Site Pre-Flight Questionnaire. Our Web Site Pre-Flight Questionnaire has been created to help us to develop a website that can communicate the goal of your business. This program has been designed to accomplish our mission and live up to the expectation our clients have entrusted in us.

Ok, So Let's Get Started

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